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Welcome to 50percentcost.Com

For all kinds of Customer Care Solutions you can completely rely on us. All our agents are well trained and highly experienced and hence ensure the complete satisfaction of your customers. We have a team of technical experts and calling agents that would cater to every need of all your customers.


At 50percentcost.com we focus on the advanced technologies that help you in getting the best outcome for your projects. We Believe, WITHOUT TRAINED, DEDICATED, WELL-MANAGED PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY IS LITTLE MORE THAN DINNER TABLE TALK. So it is all about the human resource and the combination of technologies that work for a successful business.

We use cutting edge technology for all our operations and get our job done with perfection and on time.

Technologies We Use

Full-featured Phone systems

Dell and HP Servers

FTP Servers

Cisco Switches and Routers

Highly Secure IT Infrastructure

Highly redundant inbound/outbound voice and data channels

CRM Software


SEO Services

We are a leading SEO company and offer the very best internet marketing solutions that enable businesses to gain a strong foothold in the highly competitive market scenario.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major steps for branding and marketing. For any business to be successful, it is extremely important to be found on Google when someone looks up similar services or products. Our SEO service would do exactly that for you. We would arrange for your business to come on the first page of Google when someone looks up your products or services. A perfect SEO can increase your brand value and can provide you with the best ranking on Google. If you are thinking of opting for SEO services, then 50PercentCost is the best place for you. We have an experienced SEO team that will make sure your business gets the best online boost.

Our SEO Services

Organic SEO

Social Media Marketing

Blog Marketing

Local Marketing


Content Optimization

Directory Submission

Video Optimization

Keyword Analysis

Social Media Promotion

Index Report

Link Building

Customer Care Solutions

Inbound 24/7


Customer Care/Help Desk

Appointment Setting

New Customer Acquisition

Email Solutions

Web-enabled Solutions

Third Party Verification

Inbound ACD

Call Blending

Call Monitoring

Call Management Software

Online Credit Card

Voice Broadcasting